Our policies in brief

The population in Halland as well as the rest of Sweden is getting older and a higher number have several parallel diagnoses which increases the demand for care. At the same time, the amount of people of working age are decreasing. To span this gap between the increasing demand for care and fewer personnel resources we need creative thinking and courage to try new ideas – we need innovation.

Efficient care doesn’t entail that the personnel should run faster, instead we want to remove peripheral tasks and make more time for patients instead of administration.  This wouldn’t only make the care better for you as a patient, but also make the working conditions more attractive for our staff. To care for our staff is as important as caring for our patients.

Healthcare doesn’t start at the clinic or the hospital. It starts in your home and your everyday life. We want to put extra focus toward earlier and preventive care in order for you to avoid needing the hospital. It’s not a matter of saving the hospitals resources, it’s a matter of improving your quality of life.

The span of the regional responsibilities is much broader than just healthcare. We are working on many exciting projects within infrastructure in order to cut travel time and connect Halland to other metropolitan areas such as “Greater Copenhagen”. We are also focusing on public transport with the ambition that you should be able to commute to work regardless if you live in the rural areas or by the coast.

We will continue to actively work toward equality. Halland is here for you, regardless of who you are or where you’re from – throughout your life. The same status and respect should be given all.

Opportunities as well as obligations should be equal to all.


Mikaela Waltersson

Chair of the Regional Executive Committee